Stroy-Beton Company is the largest manufacturer of the machines for foam concrete production In Russia.

The company has a long heritage of commitment of providing the highest quality products, customer service and value to its customers.

We are at the cutting-edge of foam concrete production technology. Everything we do is state-of the-art, using the most advanced techniques available.

Stroy-Beton company was founded in 1999 and since that time we play a leading role in the sphere of building material production and supply. Introduced unique developments breakthroughs and machines of high quality, the Company became well-known rapidly worldwide for its excellent craftsmanship, outstanding services and high quality of the products it provides.

Today we supply many producers of cellular lightweight concrete blocks in Europe, Latin America, Australia, India, Malaysia.


Top sales machine for producing foam concrete or cellular lightweight concrete- Fomm-Prof 1000

machine for foam concrete
  • All in one – you don’t need anything else for producing foam concrete
  • Built-in German type foam generator
  • Reliable and repairable machine
  • Well working for 5 and more years in Latin America, Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and many others countries.
  • Provide with technology of production foam concrete and training on our plant


With our dynamism, our inventiveness and our ambition we not only constantly  increase the range of machenes, but we have completely adopted European methods of manufacturing especially after applying the laser cutting machine Trumpf in the manufacturing line. Therefore all the details of  machines are cut by the laser machine with superhigh accuracy first before the assemblage. As a result all the machines of our plant is efficient and  reliable.

Moreover our plant puts considerable amount of money into the development of new technologies and our customers support so we have built a platform for the long-term profitable growth.

We have a powerful research and technology base and achieve excellence in any aspect of our activity. Today we are proud to be smart, thriving company.