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The description of GreenFroth, the protein foaming agent for foamed concrete.

GreenFroth allows to produce foam concrete of density ranging from 200 up to 1600 kg/cub.m. The foaming agent is protein, contains natural surfactants and is mixed with organic vegetable raw materials.

For this reason it obtains a pleasant odour and its main qualities include a higher resistance of foam and better characteristics of process of foaming in comparison with other protein foaming agents based on animal protein.

Principle of operating :

The foam for concrete is produced of GreenFroth and water in the specially developed foam generator Fomm-PGM.

This foam is added into main cement mixture during mixing process ina mixer for mixing concrete and reduced to the condition of homogeneous dispersion.

Stabilising components containing in GreenFroth provide keeping pores of foam concrete for the whole period of its processing. Produced foam concrete is remarkable for humidity resistance, high strength and ecological friendliness.

In comparison to other protein foaming agents the required amount of GreenFroth is 45% less on each cubic meter of foam concrete (due to the increased ratio and less percentage amount in water).

Usage: GreenFroth is used for foam concrete production of normal and light filters. Depending on the main formula it is possible to produce concretes and mixtures of density from 200 kg/m3 to 1600 kg/m3. Density less than 600 kg/dm3 requires special composition, production and usage.

Dosage : Dosage, process of foam generating and feeding of foaming agent is performed automatically by the foam generator Fomm-PGM.

Foaming agent is provided as a concentrate and it is needed to prepare 2,5 % water solution mixture for producing foam. After that the foam generator produces foam of density 50 gr/l. This means that it is recommended to be applied on 20 ratio of foaming, at 2,5 % initial water solution mixture. As a consequence, while using GreenFroth the less amount of foam is needed and foam concrete is produced of higher strength.

Size of foam bubbles is 0,01-0,1 mm (10-50 micron).

Stability is 0,5-2,0 hours depending on the temperature.

Necessary amount of foam for concrete depends on required density of constructional mixture of concrete (Look technology)

The characteristics of foam concrete is described in Technology.

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