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Foam concrete curing accelerator Asilin-2012

Asilin-12 is a liquid accelerator used for work with concrete at reduced or elevated temperature. It is harmless for people, non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-explosive. Liquid accelerator, compared to a powdered one, enters into a more exhaustive reaction with concrete improving the result by about 30%


Asilin-12 is a dark paste-like liquid recommended for use at a temperature below +10°С and above +25 °С. It is to be added in the mortar during the mixing stage. Use of Asilin-12 provides 1.5-2 times reduction of concrete works cycle (when casting into molds or forms)



  • during production of foam concrete with accelerated setting and more exhaustive reaction in a shorter time in order to decrease concrete shrinkage.
  • during production of any concrete (foam concrete) at reduced temperature (below +10°С). It is especially irreplaceable in case of daytime concrete filling (foam concrete), since the temperature may fall below 0°С during the night. Asilin-12 maintains quality of concrete (foam concrete) during temporary temperature decrease to -10 °С.
  • during production of any concrete (foam concrete) at elevated temperature (above +25°С). Use of Asilin-12 allows cement to enter into the reaction before water evaporates from the mixture, thus reducing cracking likelihood.
  • increases workability of concrete and decreases water loss.



Type of Concrete

Temperature Range by


+10 до +5

+ 5 до 0

+2 до -3

+25 – + 35

Cellular concrete (foam concrete, etc.)





Light-weight concrete





Heavy-weight concrete





Consumption rate:

(Consumption rate is expressed in cement mass percentage in the mix; e.g. if 1 m3 of mortar contains 600 kg of cement and the norm is 0.5%, 3 kg of Asilin-12 accelerator should be added).

It provides quicker curing and enables work at reduced temperature (up to -3 °С).

The accelerator is available in 15, 30, and 300 kg jerrycans.

Asilin-12 is certified.