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LLC Stroy-Beton produce wide range of equipment and addiments for foamed concrete production.

Foam concrete curing accelerator Asilin-2012

Asilin-12 is a liquid accelerator used for work with concrete at reduced or elevated temperature. It is harmless for people, non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-explosive. Liquid accelerator, compared to a powdered one, enters into a more exhaustive reaction with concrete improving the result by about 30% Description: Asilin-12 is a dark paste-like liquid recommended for use […]


Protein foaming agent GreenFroth for producing foamed concrete. GreenFroth allows to produce foam concrete of density ranging from 200 up to 1600 kg/cub.m. The foaming agent is protein, contains natural surfactants and is mixed with organic raw materials. For this reason it obtains a pleasant odour and its main qualities include a higher resistance of […]


First cutting machine in the world that was designed especially for foamed concrete. Easy, cheap and reliable technology allow to produce quality blocks.

foam generator

Easy in use and highly reliable foam generator from famous producer.

machine for foamed concrete production

The best sales machine in our company. This machine is highly reliable and easy operating.
The main feature – you don’t need any pumps, foamed concrete are transfer with air pressure up to 15 meters without any additional and expensive pumps.

mould for foamed concrete blocks

Metal moulds for production foamed concrete blocks. Moulds are used for curing foamed concrete and getting there blocks. Foam concrete that produced in machine Fomm-Prof is poured into a mould, is kept in it from 10 to 16 hours (the time depends on the temperature, the amount of added accelerant, etc.). After that the mould […]

Peristaltic pump

Pump of new generation – keeps structure and density of foamed concrete during feeding.