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Range of admixture for foamed concrete.

Admixtures for foamed concrete producing

Foam concrete curing accelerator Asilin-2012

Asilin-12 is a liquid accelerator used for work with concrete at reduced or elevated temperature. It is harmless for people, non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-explosive. Liquid accelerator, compared to a powdered one, enters into a more exhaustive reaction with concrete improving the result by about 30% Description: Asilin-12 is a dark paste-like liquid recommended for use […]


Protein foaming agent GreenFroth for producing foamed concrete. GreenFroth allows to produce foam concrete of density ranging from 200 up to 1600 kg/cub.m. The foaming agent is protein, contains natural surfactants and is mixed with organic raw materials. For this reason it obtains a pleasant odour and its main qualities include a higher resistance of […]