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Cutting machine Bobr-4

Cutting machine for foamed concrete blocks – Bobr-4

Bobr-4 is the cutting machine of new generation that allows the production of foam-concrete blocks and lightweight concrete blocks of the best quality.

This cutting machine has been projected after a number of experiments with cutting machines, where the cutting body consisted of string, saw belt, disc saw, shutter release cable. The cutting machine line Bobr-4 lacks disadvantages that presented in the previous machines that were under examination.

Download description of cutting machine Bobr-4 in pdf.

Disadvantages of the classical cutting line machines:

  • The string doesn’t cut the monoblock, even if it undertook the necessary density;
  • The string is shaky, if it is affected by heterogeneity of the foam concrete block;
  • The string while moving up and down has undercut below;
  • The string doesn’t undertake the cuttings from the cutting channel;
  • The machines based on saw belts always invert the block;
  • The saw belts are always expensive and deteriorate very quickly;
  • The disk saw are very expensive.

The cutting machine line Bobr-4 lacks all these disadvantages!




The cutting machine line Bobr-4 works in automatic regime only and is operated by one operator. The cutting body is chain. There are practically no limits on the foam concrete cake resistance. Productivity – 6 m³/per hour.

Constructively vise the cutting machine line consists of 3 consequently mounted tables and 2 cutting portals. The production take off is proceeded by unified grip with the help of console-rotating crane on the pallets with sizes 1000x1200mm. For foam concrete massive supply on the cutting table the same unified grip is used, which can be adjusted on the overhead track-hoist or on the loader.

The cutting machine line is equipped with controller, which lets the change of the speed of the monoblock supply on the cutting chains, that makes it possible to operate the quality and speed of the cutting of the blocks.

The cutting accuracy is 1-2 mm.

Competetive advantages:

  • high accuracy of the produced blocks;
  • produced blocks have ideally plain sides;
  • blocks have nice appearance that is for not using the lubricant;
  • high attachment of plaster to the blocks;
  • fully automated work;
  • possibility of 2 sizes – division wall and wall ones, the readjustment will take just 30 min!

Technical Features:



1. Productivity cub. m. blocks per hour


2. Sizes, mm.

1st table

  • lenght
  • width
  • height

2nd table

  • lenght
  • width
  • height





3. Consumable electrical power, kW


4. Weight, kg


5. Mould size for foam concrete cake production, mm


6. Height of foam concrete cake supply, mm


7. Height of foam concrete blocks output, mm


8. Height from floor up to top part of lifting device (console-rotating crane)


  • For foam concrete cake supply for cutting 2 grips are required.
  • The cutting process is proceeded by special saw chains.
  • To cut blocks with sizes 600x300x200 11 (2 m) saws required, for sizes 600x300x100- 16 (2 m).

Technical details of the cutting machine line Bobr-4


  • Productivity – up to 10 m3/per hour.
  • Cutting accuracy – 2 mm.

Automatic working mode.

  • Cutting body – chain (placed vertically).
  • Chain quantity – 7 ( for blocks with thickness 200mm) or 12 ( for blocks with thickness 100mm).
  • Width of the saw cut 9 mm.
  • Max cutting height – 600 mm (that provides good chain tension and high cutting accuracy).
  • Foam concrete monoblock size – 1219x1026x600.
  • Monoblock mould size – 1219x1026x600.
  • Sizes of the blocks – the main one 198 x 295 x 598 (96x295x598)

Quantity of the cutting sides in the block – 4 (3)

Limits on foam concrete hardness – it is not recommended to saw foam concrete with density higher than 7 kg/cm2.

  • Undercut below is absent.
  • The adjustment of the cut blocks on the wooden pallet with the use of the console crane and grip -mechanically.

Cuttings are taken away from the cutting place.

Possibility of utilization of the shearings. Can be reused in foam concrete production.

Movie about cutting machine line Bobr-4

download this movie


Cutting machine line Bobr-4 in photos

The output of the monoblock from the cutting table with the use of console-rotating crane and grip.

Cut in fore direction

Quality and accuracy of the cut 1-2 mm