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Foam generator Fomm-PGM

Foam generator Fomm-PGM for foamed concrete production.

Comparison of types of foam generators.

Old foam generatorFirst foam generators were quite simple devices. An example of such a foam generator is shown in the pict.1. They consisted of a barrel, being filled with mixture of a foam generator, a tube of a foam generator, where foam was produced. Shortcomings of such devices became obvious when being used in industry. Chief of them are the following:

  1. when mixture in a reservoir of a foam generator was about finishing, it was delivered to a tube of a foam generator irregularly. The result was foam of poor quality and bad foam concrete.
  2. as a foam generator was connected with a compressor directly, when pressure decreased and a compressor was providing pressure, foam became more dense, so quality of foam concrete was poor
  3. adjustment of foam (weight and structure) quality was made by means of handles of taps. So they are to adjust for every mixing, and it took too much time.
  4. if a tank was not filled up completely, it began to rust because of water, being inside with a foam generator, and next day produced foam was of worse quality.
  5. CHIEF DISADVANTAGE  lack of dozing produced foam. For example, if a cube mixer was necessary to be filled, after preliminary adjustment foam began to be fed into a mixer before it was filled up. I.e. every time dozing was performed “by eye”.

In modern rank foam generators Fomm do not have these shortcomings:

  1. produced foam is dozed digitally
  2. pressure is regulated and is not changed during the whole cycle of production
  3. after preliminary adjustment it is possible to produce necessary amount of foam of chosen density by pressing a single button

Foam generators Fomm and Neopor are modern and reliable devices, tested in real production conditions not only in Russia but also all over the world.

The picture shows a dissembled foam generator. For operation they are completely covered with a metal box and put on wheels.


foam generatorSemi-automatic foam generator Fomm-PGM (produced by “Stroy-Beton”)

1. Purpose: the foam generator is aimed for foam concrete production for further manufacturing foam concrete in any Mortar-mixing machine (mixing unit).

2. Main parts of the Fomm-PGM foam generator (picture):

  • Connecting pipe for connecting air pipeline
  • Connecting pipe + hose + check valve with a filter for taking mixture of foam generator from any tank
  • Connecting pipe + hose for ready foam outlet and feeding it into a required place
  • Hole for poring liquid into a pump, taking mixture of the foam generator
  • Handle for air pressure regulation
  • Gage
  • Digital timer
  • Starting button – stop

3. Composition and principle of operating: the foam generator consists of 3 main modules:

  • Module for feeding mixture of the foam generator for further foam generating. Mixture of the foam generator may be in any tank; the foam generator pumps it there by itself. You must prepare mixture of the foam generator. So this model is called semi-automatic. Next model takes water separately from concentrate of the foam generator, and then it mixes them in necessary proportion automatically.
  • Module for foam generating. Main unit of this module is a foam-generating pipe. This highly technological device is made of non-corrupting materials and it may operate with most known foam generators, it produces foam of high quality.
  • Module for automatic digital dozing. Pressing ‘Start’ button produces required amount of foam of chosen quality. Amount and quality does not depend on a human factor.

4. Competitive advantages of the Fomm-PGM foam generator:

  • high productivity, up to 500 litres per minute
  • operation at any type of foam agents (it is recommended Arecom-4b foam generator, but it is possible to use any other foam agent, even made by yourselves. Technological regulations of producing foam agent are applied)
  • it can operate jointly with a Mortar-mixing machine, plaster station or mixing unit. (Recommended mixer must be of a positive type, i.e. with blades)
  • possibility of adjusting foam density
  • it is very simple to use and very reliable
  • it is provided all the necessary information about foam concrete production, along with a foam generator
  • free-paying training at a working factory, until a customer signs a document about finishing study!
  • assistance in certifying produced foam concrete
  • further unlimited consulting by our specialists on the phone

Buying this foam generator, you get reliable equipment. On its basis you can establish production of foam concrete of any grades from 350 to 1400.

5. Specifications:

Maintaining personnel

1 person

Weight in unloaded condition


Capacity of foam

200 litres per minute



Operational air pressure

6 atm.

Power voltage


Rank of foam density adjusting within limits

20-200 gr\litre

Consumed power КW\h

3 КW\h

6. Necessary additional equipment: compressor К-2 or any other one of output being not less than 0.5 cubic meter per minute and of pressure being not less than 6 atm. We recommend Russian compressor К-2, tested at our factory (there is no stoppage for 2 years). We are dealers of the producer. Prices are shown in the price list.