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Machine Fomm-Prof for foamed concrete production


Main fact you should now about this machine:

  •  you don’t need additional pumps for transfer foamed concrete. Machine do it with air pressure up to 15 meters.


The machine is aimed for foam concrete production by means of mixing of produced foam with concrete mortar.

Composition and principle of operation

The machine consists of a foam generator and a mixer mounted on one frame and connected by hoses. Foam is produced by the foam generator and is fed to the mixer through a pipeline where it is mixed with the mortar. The produced foam concrete is fed into a casing or mould. Foam concrete of definite density is automatically produced in this machine. Having adjusted the device once (digital display), one can get foam concrete of certain density further by pressing a single button. All the necessary faucets close and open automatically.

This machine has no analogues according to its level of automation. Nowadays it is the only device which allows to produce foam concrete of definite density without the assistance of qualified staff or long adjusting before every batch.


Technical Features


Fomm-Prof 500

Fomm-Prof 1000

Maintenance staff

3 persons

3 persons

Weight in an unloaded condition



Capacity, cub. m. of foam concrete

3 cubic m/hour

6 cubic m/hour




Volume of the operating reservoir of the mixer

500 liters

1000 liters

Model of the fitted foam generator



Operational air pressure in the mixer

0.8 atmospheres

0.8 atmospheres

Operational air pressure in the foam generator

6 atmospheres

6 atmospheres

Supply voltage



Density range of foam concrete

350-1200 kg/cubic m

350-1200 kg/cubic m

Ratio of foam generation no less than



Range of foam density adjustment within

20-200 grams/liter

20-200 grams/liter

Power consumption KW/h

10 Kilowatt (with a compressor)

12 Kilowatt (with a compressor)

Competitive advantages of the machine

    • the machine consists of the reliable components produced according to German technologies. Each part of the machine is a competitive and reliable produce and can be sold separately. This fact guarantees uninterrupted operation of the whole machine.
    • all necessary information about production of foam concrete is provided
    • there is an opportunity to take a free training course at an operating production site
    • we provide assistance in certification of the produced foam concrete

Necessary additional equipment: Compressor K-2 or any other one with the output of no less than 0.5 cubic meters per minute and the pressure of no less than 6 atmospheres. We recommend a Russian compressor K-2 which has been tested at the production site (no interruptions during two years). The cost can be found in the price-list.


Further there are descriptions of the mixer and the foam generator used in the machine:


Foam generator FOMM=PGM - a highly productive high pressure foam generator for foam concrete production (made according to German technologies)

    1. Purpose: foam generator is designed for foam production for foam concrete in any mortar mixer (mud room).
    1. The device and principles of its work: the foam generator consists of the block that takes the mixture of the foam agent from any reservoir. The intake hose of the foam generator is put in any reservoir which contains the mixture of the foaming agent (we recommend GreenFroth, but any other foaming agent can be used). After that the compressor feeds the pressure and foam comes out of the tube which generates it. With the help of valves the texture of foam can be adjusted – from small closed pores (less than 0.1 mm) to foam with large pores.
  • Competitive advantages of foam generator Fomm-PGM:
  • high productivity, up to 500 liters per minute
  • operates on any type of frother (the recommended frother is Arekom, but even frother made by oneself can be used. Technological rules of frother production are provided)
  • for production of foam concrete one can use concrete sort 400
  • the solidity of foam can be regulated
  • easy to operate and highly reliable
  • can be operated even when there are no water pipes

Mixer of constrained type CM500 (CM100) - a highly productive mobile mixer for use with foam generator which does not require a special pump

    1. Purpose: the mixer is designed for creation of a mortar and mixing it with foam produced in foam generator. After that the received foam mass can be fed through a hose to the required spot without the use of a special pump, under the exposure to pressure. Mixer CM500 (CM1000) is mobile, is mounted on wheels and can be easily moved around a production or construction site. The mixer can be used for production of foam concrete, as a plaster station or for production of a high quality mortar.
    1. The device and principles of its work: the mixer consists of a motor block, a cistern inside which there is a special mixing mechanism, a valve for pressure supply and a faucet for the output of foam concrete mixture.
  • Competitive advantages of mixer СМ500 (СМ1000):
  • Productivity up to 3 cubic meters per hour (up to 6 cubic meters per hour)
  • no special pump is required, the mixture can be supplied at a distance of up to 10 meters horizontally and up to 5 meters vertically under overpressure
  • universality – one can produce foam concrete, mixture for plaster and laying
  • foam concrete of any solidity can be received on the basis of concrete 400 (with the use of foam generator)
  • easy to operate and highly reliably (1 year FULL WARRANTY for the device)
  • The arrangement of the mixing part and its advantages:


The mixing mechanism consists of two screws pointed at different directions. This allows to achieve full mixing of the mortar with foam during 15-30 seconds. Usual concrete mixers with blades does not provide even mixing and it is impossible to receive a homogenous foam concrete mass.

The appearance of the inside part of the mixer through the input orifice.


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