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Equipment for producing foamed concrete

Being the obvious leader at Russian market of equipment for foamed concrete production, we not only produce already known equipment and chemicals, developed by our plant, but also invest a certain amount of money in development of new equipment, technologies and mixtures for foamed concrete production. Our customers get up-to-date reliable equipment plus advanced technologies in this field.


Types of equipment for foamed concrete production: 

Machines Fomm-Prof are created on the basis of analogue of German foam generator. Plants are assembled as an indivisible complex and produce up to 70 cubic meters of foamed concrete per day. Advantages of these machines are high output, low expense of foam agent, easy installation into technological lines of production. Besides, for the first time these plants are highly automated, as they produce foamed concrete of necessary density by pressing single button.

Fomm-Prof  machines don’t need any additional pumps for transferring foamed concrete to moulds or floor. It is moved by air pressure up to 15 meters.

Despite the type of a foamed concrete machine, it produces foamed concrete. If a work is to be filled up with this concrete at the construction, there is nothing necessary but one of these plants and a compressor for it. When producing foamed concrete blocks, forms for blocks are to be filled up with outputting foamed concrete.


There are three ways of blocks producing:


1. Filling into cassette metal forms. Filled foamed concrete hardens during 10 hours, then a form is dissembled and finished blocks are taken from it. One form can be used twice per day. Respectively, if production is 20 cubic meters of foamed concrete per day, it is necessary to have 10 forms and to work in two shifts.

We manufacture highly accurate forms with a size error not more than 1mm per block. Laser cutting and milling are used, when producing a form. Forms are universal, i.e. one form is for producing both partition blocks 100mm thick and wall blocks 200mm thick. Type sizes of forms are 500х300х100(200), 600х300х100(200), and 400х200х200..

As volume of production is up to 40 cubic meters of blocks per day, the form filling technology is more financially efficient. Advantages: comparatively little financing and simplicity of production. Disadvantages: difficulties in producing great volumes and attachment to type sizes.



2. Cutting foamed concrete array at cutting plants. Firstly foamed concrete is filled into forms without any partitions, where there is a great massif. Approximately in 8 hours, a great massif is fed to cut, where strings saw up blocks of it. This method is highly labour and initial expenses consuming, while nowadays there are normal plants for cutting cellular concrete. It hasn?t succeeded to create good cutting plants for foamed concrete.



3. Pouring foamed concrete into special forms and their further automatic falsework removing

First foamed concrete is poured into special forms with partitions, where after firming concrete become ready blocks. Approximately in 14 hours forms are fed into a plant for automatic falsework removing, where blocks are pushed to pallet, while forms are lubricated.

This method is simple and productive. Great disadvantage is attachment to one type size of produced blocks. A plant of automatic work removing is impossible to be readjusted for producing blocks of other type sizes.



Chemicals for producing foamed concrete

For producing foamed concrete there is necessary a foam generator, a hardening accelerator (for producing foamed concrete under the temperature less than +15 C and higher than +30 C), and form lubricant. All these chemicals may be bought from our company. As we are designers and producers, we sell qualitative products at low prices, which can be seen in the price-list. Descriptions are sent additionally.

For 1 cubic meters of foamed concrete you need:

  1. approx. 0.9 liter of foaming agent GreenFroth for producing foamed concrete
  2. approx. 0.4 liter of lubricant (oil) for oiling 1 mould


Area for production

Necessary area is sure to depend on planned volume of production. If foamed concrete blocks are to be produced the whole year round, production of 10 cubic meters of foamed concrete demands about 150 sq. m. If foamed concrete is to be produced only in summer time, sand and ready products may be kept outdoor, so necessary areas decrease up to 80 sq. m. When designing big factories, we develop preliminary schemes of placing the equipment in ready buildings or of a new building.

Expense of materials for producing 1 cubic meter of foamed concrete:

Quantity of materials depends on produced density. Foam concrete density is marked with a figure being equal to the weight of 1 cubic meter. The most spread densities are 800 and 600. Here are figures of expenses for them. Material expenses for other densities are shown in the operating manual of the equipment.

Density of foamed concrete



Foam agent GreenFroth









Foam concrete specifications:

Type of foamed concrete


Density class

Frost resistance

Thermal conductivity V/(m ? ? С)

Steam penetrability mg/(m ? h ? Pa)

Thermal conductive



Not standardised





Not standardised



Constructional and thermal conductive



From F15 to F35





From F15 to F50





 From F15 to F75





 From F15 to F50















How to order and to produce equipment:

Before ordering equipment it is necessary to define the list of necessary things. The following step is to call or to send the order by e-mail. After receiving a contract marked with a sending date and an invoice for paying, it is necessary to be paid. Equipment will be delivered according to the terms.